Year 7: Correction

Aujourd’hui vous avez complété une fiche de révisions. Voici la correction:

1a) He needs a new tennis racket. / He likes cooking.

1b) Marco likes listening to music. / Marco likes reading. / Marco loves drawing. / He loves red and green.

1c) Marco loves mountain biking. / Marco loves going to the cinema.


Gary: I know! A CD player! Granny needs a new CD player!

Vince: That’s a stupid idea! Granny doesn’t need/doesn’t want a new CD player! She hates listening to music!

Gary: What? Granny doesn’t hate/loves listening to music! She just hates your music!

Vince: Ha ha! Very funny. Well, I think Granny needs a new pan.

Gary: A pan? No, she doesn’t need a new pan! She’s got tons of pans!

Vince: OK, a book, a nice book! She loves reading!

Gary: No, she doesn’t!

Vince: Yes, she does!



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