Year 9 : 4A My experiences

We have  learned how to talk about our experiences: funny, embarrassing, painful….

Write your experience here!

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19 thoughts on “Year 9 : 4A My experiences

  1. Azélie.

    I have had a horse for four years.
    I was 6 years old and I wanted a horse but my parents did not want one, so I begged for two years.
    When I was 8 years old, my dad said yes. I was verry happy and excited to have a horse. I wanted a horse for two years. They wer the longest years of my life !
    And finally, the day arrived and I could ride when I wanted. I was so happy !
    This was the best thing which happened to me in my whole life.

  2. Lisa Levallois

    I have fallen in the water at centerpark

    It was 4 years ago.I was in a pedalo with my mom,my dad,my little sister and my big sister.I found a ball in the water so wanted to get it . My big sister held my feet so I would not fall but I still fell into the water and when I got back on the pedalo . I was so cold !
    This weekend was the best but also the worst in my life because I was sick.

  3. Léandre Roccaserra

    I have been to London

    It was during summer 2012, before the Olympics Games, we took the train in the Channel Tunnel, it was a very exciting way to travel because it was under the sea !
    In London, we visited the National History Museum and I saw Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye…
    There were many things to do, it was very cool ! London is probably the best city to have unforgettable hollidays and one of the most stunnig cities I have visited, I recommend to visit it !

  4. Tom Herout

    I have flown a plane !

    In my last holiday I had the opportunity of flying.
    Is was the most amazing experience : the landscape is wonderful,Iflew slouds to admire it.
    I took many pictures this was the best day of my life and I would like to try it again this year or try anew experiences ,such a parachute,scuba diving or visited a widlife reserve

  5. Rouil Emma

    I have been in holidays camp for the first time

    It was in summer 2015. We took a train for the Cantal.This was really cool, the weather was sunny and warm and we went to the pool everiday. I met a lot of new friends and cool peoples. It was one of the best holidays I’ve had in my whole life, I will never forget it!

  6. william

    I have been to Norway and to Denmark , in the land of Vikings.

    It was during the last holidays. It was on a cruise with my family from Oslo in Norway to go to Denmark. Every day I played ping-pong with my brother and we went to the swimming pool. It was amazing. We Oslo visited LEGOLAND, a small village built with 60 million lego bricks and when I went to Geiranger and Copenhagen I saw wonderful lanscapes. Coolest holidays I’ve had in my life. It was an unforgettable journey and I highly recommend it !

  7. jaqui

    I have surfed for one whole week

    It was last year in February during the holidays. I went to Portugal to surf with my best friends and I loved it! I was always in the sea during my holidays. I visited cities and in envening we played board games. It was my first holiday just for surf but my only regret is to not have spoken Portuguese. It was the coolest holiday I’ve had holidays are great and next year I’ll do it again.

  8. florian

    I have been to the vendée!

    Once every two years i go on holiday either to the mountains or to the seaside.
    the experience that i remember the best my most my first vacation.
    the holiday in Vendee with my cousins is the one where we had the most fun.
    the hardest part wos to go back home where it trained were all sad but that’s life!

  9. Ella Aston

    I have been to London, the capital of England

    It was 6 years ago. I was 7 years old. My family and I were visiting my aunty, who lives in Coventry with my uncle and my cousin. My mum had decided to take me to London, so I could visit it for the first time. i saw so many attractions ! I went to the London Eye, saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and I also visited the Natural History Museum ! It was really interesting !
    Since then, I go to London every two or three years, but my first time there was the best ! We both loved that mini trip !

  10. SARAH vautier 4eA

    I have already sprained my ankle

    I have already a twisted my ankle in basketball . My ankle to cracked . I fell i huert my self . then the teacher helped me. that is the worst thing that has ever happend to me .

    sarah 4eA

  11. vrignaud solene


    When I was little I drunk laundry detergent.My mother was surprised, so she hid the laundry detergent on the,I took a broom and I was make it fall and I drunk some. My mother asked why I was making bubbles whit my mouth so she took me to the hospital to see what I had done and a doctor told me not to eat or drink during a certain time.

  12. marine adam

    I have been tree climbing
    It was last year. We went to the south of France, in a little city. It was hot and the landscape was stunning. We were next to the beach and the shops. We walked,swam,enjoyed the holidays and went tree climbing, it was funny. It was not the “best” holidays in the world but for me it was the coolest holidays in my whole life.

  13. Pierre B

    I have been to Boston in USA

    it was last summer we took an airplane to Paris.I liked the trip.We slept in a hotel.It was always hot.We visited monuments in tuesday,Wesnesday and friday . we ate in fast-food . and on Saturday we went to Washington. We saw the Washington Monuments,the White House and the Supreme court nuilding it was Beautiful.And we left on Sunday.It was the best holiday I’ve ever had

  14. Sacha Desquesnes

    I have heard a scary scream !
    It was last winter. I was in my home, alone in front of my computer, when suddenly, I heard a cry from my stairs; I walked up, nothing, I went going to my garage and still nothing, and a new cry. I still do not know what it was. But it was the strangest sound I have ever heard in my entire life.

  15. Eva Dussart

    I have been to Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean
    It was October in2012. We went toto Saint-Marie la Convenance at my uncle’s house. The weather was always very hot and often sunny. Sometimes We went to the beach. We visited the Circus of the Mafate and the outflows if was really impressive. We climbed to the summit of the Piton de la Fournaise to see the big crater it was unforgettable. I aslo ate fruit there is not France like the bibasses, the zatte and Beefheart.
    IT was the best holidays I’ve had in my life and it was really unforgettable

  16. pierre duchemin

    I have hyad the craziest holidays
    During my holidays (the best holidays of my life)
    I have real a craziest holidays ! I have been scuba-diving in the Australian ocean, I have seen a white and bleue sharks ect… After, I went up Everest, it was a beautiful view. But there were wilds animals I have seen a dangerous, a snakes… But for me holidays it’s very short.

  17. Adrien Collas

    I have broken my arm !!!!

    It was a nice day, I was quietly biking on a field with my friends but all of a sudden, a little boy on a little motorcycle came out of nowhere so I tried to avoid him but too late, I could not avoid it ; there was a collision. for a little boy, it was nothing, he had only a few scratches. For me, the bike hit my leg and I could not move. Then others called the firemen…
    Result: 2 month in plaster and 3 month wiithout sport, this was longest day of my life !!!

  18. jason duchemin


    I always wanted to do motocross and one day my father registered me at a club. At first, I fell but with time I learned how to fall well and now I fall less often. I can jump, I drift and I made willing. Now if I am well-behared I well have my own bike. I will be able to get around by myselft on my motorcycle.

  19. lucas

    I have flown a plane !

    My favorit experience was flying a plane because it’s fabulous .I drove a plane when. I was twelve years old . I flew over cean .it was amazing because . I saw many house and building from the sky . I was scared but Iwas very good

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