Year 9: 4D My experiences

We have learnt how to talk about our funny or disappointing experiences. Write your story here!



18 thoughts on “Year 9: 4D My experiences

  1. Anais

    I have been to Paris!!!

    It was three years ago. We visited monuments (the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe…). I loved going under the Eiffel tower and climbing the other monuments!!! We also did a lot of walking to visit the streets and neighborhood. Our room was near the Eiffel tower, you could see it!!! It was summer and hot so we went to the banks of the Seine every day!!! It’s just greeted!!
    It was the best holiday I have ever had!!

  2. Lea roger

    I have already my ankle

    It happened when I was on the beach as a kids .The weather was very sunny and we swan oll day and after,jumped Istambled and I fell and broke my ankle .I had a cast for weeks its was the wrost thing that has ever hapened to me .

  3. Tony Simon

    I have driven a motorbike
    I was last summer. My dad have a motorbike. I have driving my dad’s motorbike , I’m so exited. I drove visited a museum in Cherbourg ( cité de la mer ) . I saw boat , fish and a big submarine. It was the colest week-end I have everyhad.

  4. Emma VIVIER 4D

    I have been to Izmir on Turkey

    It was 4 yars ago with my gandparents and my brother.
    We took a plane to Nantes. I loved Izmir because It was beautiful and there was a big market. I visited the bath of Cleopatra and I visited lots of temples . I tasted traditional food It was delicious. I watched tradional shows and dances.

    It was the best holiday I ‘ve ever had, if I could go back I would do it !

  5. Goustan Leneveu Drean 4D

    I have climbed a 10 metre high tree!

    It was during the last holidays,with four frieds,we built a shack in the forest .We saw an incredible tree, it was a firtree.We climbed but only me and Adrien went up to the top of the tree.After ,we went down .back on the ground ,Noe broke his ankle .since that day ,I have never been to the tree

  6. sarah.manuse

    I have been camping in Brittany

    Last summer, I left my house with my family and my dog. We took our car, and we drove for at least 4 hours. In the campingsite, I have canoeing with my dad for 3 hours . I also did tree-climbing in the forest next to the camp. It was thriLling !! We visited a unforgettable zoo.I also had a horse trip with other people, it was amazing. It often rained but it was the coolest holiday I’ve ever had !!

  7. simon quiedeville

    I was last Summer is have does tranpoline
    It was last sumer is have does tractor
    it was last summer is a baladed a horse
    It was last summer is have is football
    It was last summer is have prepared the carth

  8. celia

    I have been to cherbourg with my best friend
    On tuesday 2 rd march wewent to Macdonald’s then we went to the cinema to watch ””. It was amazing.Then we went shopping to buy jewellry and clothes.We bought a necklace of friendship with loop ear.Then we returned to the house and we had a snack .After we played oustide.It was a magic day.

  9. morgane

    I have been canoeing
    One day during our week in the Dordogne,it was nice so with my uncle,my aunt and my parents we decided to go canoeing.
    Wearrived there and ther we rented the canoes for the afternoon.We took off on the edge of a huge river and ther we went to the bort of a small town we took the opportunity to visit.
    We bought some souvenirs,took picturesand left after a few hours we called the gentleman who come pickes us up and then we went back.

  10. alexandra.virot

    I have been to the Astérix and Obelix Park, in caen. I’m so excited. I would like to go there again because it is funny; and i will be ready to do the big-eight. I again ; i could, it is so amusing and the loops that put us upside down. And there is also Oziris: it is the same as the eight except that there is no ground under our feet. so i tell you right aways i will completely want to it again in the park.

  11. jordan buhot

    I have a scored a goal with my head !
    It was last winter :we run in the goal and clement passed the ball in the air and hit the ball with my head and…!!goal!!

  12. Faustine

    I have been to Spain.

    It was last summer. We took a plane. I loved the hotel ! Our hotel was near the sea. It was sunny and we went to the swimming pool and the beach every day. We also visited a city. I jumped off the rocks. It was amazing ! And I practised my Spanish too ! It was the coolest holiday I have ever had !

  13. Jeanne

    I have been to Paris, France

    It was last Christmas holidays. My parents did a surprise for me and my sister. I was very excited because for me Paris is the most beautiful city of France ! It was cold but we said : “Don’t worry about it !” because we saw and explored all the very stunning landmarks, for example : the “Eiffel Tower”, the “Arc de Triomphe”… I also ate a Christophe Michalak’s cake* and I ate in very famous restaurants. I loved this expedition. It was amazing ! I have found this journey very unforgettable, the most unforgettable adventure at Christmas in my entire life ! I highly recomment it !

    *a famous pastry chef

  14. charlotte

    I have been to a fairground

    It was last year, me and my friends went to Cherbourg to a fairground.I loved the attractions! We ate a sandwich in the shopping centre and after we left for the fairground .We started the Ghost Train.I screamed so loud .After we went on some thrilling rides and then we bought candy.We are were totallly crazy! That day was so great! It was the coolest day of my entire life !

  15. lucas

    I have visited Agon-Coutainville !

    It was last summer. I bought bread to give to the ducks and to horses. When i rode bike with my aunt and uncle. There was a car accident. She hit the wall of the house. I went tree climbing with my causins whale life. I highly recommend it!

  16. lucien

    I have scored six goals in one break time
    It was a friday in February. After technologs during the break,we were playing football in the courtyard. I was playing with Clément,Clément,Benji and Jordan. Iscored six goals in forteen minutes It wasthe best break in my whole life because Ihaven’t scored more goals in just one break.

  17. éva

    I have been camping in Les Sables d’Olonne

    I went camping last summer in th Vendée. We went to the pool often. I loved how to slide. We

    went for a walk in the city and we saw the most stunning fireworks and music at the beach. It

    was just awesome! We went to an amusement park: Le Puy du Fou. The shows and the special

    effects were beautifully well done. My camping friend, his mother and me visited town, we ate

    chichis, we bought souvenirs, we cycled and my friend and I made a water battl. It was the

    coolest holiday I have ever had.

  18. margaux;ecourtemer

    i have benn to dysneyland paris with my family
    I went to dysneyland paris for one week-end, with my dad and my mom, my sisters and my brother-in-law. I went on big rides for thrills and a little rides for the fun. At lunchtime we ate a sandwich and on saturday everninig we ate at Mc. DOnald’s. on sturday everning we ate at K.F.C with my family and we went back home
    I was the best week-end of 2017

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