Year 10: Speaking up!

Now you know a little about Malala Yousafzai, watch this video and answer the questions on your worksheet.



And if you finish, you can enjoy this video of Malala receiving honorary Canadian citizenship in April 2017. She makes a speech in which she describes her life as a girl in Pakistan:

“I felt fear when I went to school (…) I would hide my books under my scarf, the sound of bombs would wake me up at night. Every morning, I would hear the news that more innocent people had been killed.”

Don’t forget! 

Would + Verb in this context is used to describe a habit from the past.


Year 10: Working in the shadows

To watch the video again, visit the pages of the English book Piece of Cake:

Piece of Cake


Year 9: Read scary stories

Now we have read an extract from the BFG…


… you know how to build suspense and you have lots of new vocabulary!

Vocab BFG



Year 7: Pronunciation

So you know how to talk in the past: we add ED or D to the verb.

But do you know how to pronounce this ending?

Watch this video and repeat the words:


Year 7: Create a comic strip

Do you like reading comic strips?

Well you are going to work in pairs and create a comic strip!

Imagine an adventure in the past, and use illustrations to bring your story to life!

jane-sharp-adventureeducational-comic-strip-a-wildlife-photographer-g352wpSuperman comic strip


Year 9: Scary stories

You have a new project:

Write a scary story!

First, watch this video and think about how it creates suspense: