Year 7: XX2

This week we read a comic strip:



Year 7: Create a comic strip

Do you like reading comic strips?

Well you are going to work in pairs and create a comic strip!

Imagine an adventure in the past, and use illustrations to bring your story to life!

jane-sharp-adventureeducational-comic-strip-a-wildlife-photographer-g352wpSuperman comic strip


Year 7: A day in the life…

Your new project:

Make a poster about a day in the life of a person of your choice, and present it to the class.



Year 7: London Story

On Tuesday 7th March, we watched a show entitled “London Story”. It was funny and six pupils even acted on stage! Here are some pictures:



Year 7: Shopping

In England, they haven’t got euros, they’ve got pounds and pence:

  1. Read the presentation and complete your worksheet:

Money presentation

2. Practice using pounds and pence. Click on these games:

Money game

Money game 2

3. If you have time, listen to the song:

Money Song


Year 7: London

We’re going to the theatre! We’re going to watch “London Story” in English, so get ready!

Learn about ten tourist attractions in London with this video:


Use your worksheet-london to put the places in order.